Support conFUSEcon!

While all events are free, pitching in helps to make conFUSEcon better with more games, food, and additional events!

Simplest way: straight up cash

Have a few bucks not already budgeted for games? How about kicking us a couple of coffees?

In addition to feeling great, you'll also receive the coveted Community Supporter sticker for your badge when you come to conFUSEcon.

Add a game to our Library

Do you have a copy of a game you never play? Or maybe you've got a gift certificate to an FLGS collecting dust in your wallet.

We'd love to expand our library. We've put an Amazon wishlist together below with some ideas, but we super happy to accept games from pretty much anywhere. We like Adventures Underground and Infinite Frontiers a lot.

conFUSEcon Game Library Wishlist


Hang out on game day with an official conFUSEcon volunteer badge! We're looking for folks to run games, help run registration, help con-goers check games in and out of the library, and host our tournaments!

Full-time commitment isn't necessary, but you're more than welcome to stick around all day and help out. We're friendly, and usually have a couple of meetings a year where we spring for food and soda.

If you're interested, send an email over to Brendan to start a conversation.